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  • DVI Transmitter up to 165M pixels/second

  • DVI low jitter PLL

  • DVI hot plug detection

  • Supporting graphics resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels and 1920x1200 reduced blanking

  • Provides RGB output

  • DAC connection detection

  • Programmable power management

  • Fully programmable through serial port

  • Complete Windows and DOS driver support

  • Low voltage interface support to graphics device

  • Three 10-bit video DAC outputs

  • Offered in a 64-pin LQFP package


The CH7301C is a display controller device which accepts a digital graphics input signal, and encodes and transmits data through a DVI or DFP (Digital flat panel). The device accepts data over one 12-bit wide variable voltage data port which supports different data formats including RGB and YCrCb.

The DVI processor includes a low jitter PLL for generation of the high frequency serialized clock, and all circuitry required to encode, serialize and transmit data. The CH7301C comes in versions able to drive a DFP display at a pixel rate of up to 165MHz, supporting UXGA resolution displays. No scaling of input data is performed on the data output to the DVI device. See Figure 1 for the functional block diagram of the CH7301C.

Color space conversion from YCrCb to RGB is supported in both DVI and VGA bypass modes.

Structure diagram

Data sheet

Application Desc

  •   CH7301 Registers Read/Write Operation, AN-41.pdf.

  •   A PCB Design Guideline to Prevent DVI Signaling Power-Reverting in CH7301, AN-57.pdf.

  •   PCB Layout and Design Considerations for CH7301C DVI Output Device, AN-68.pdf.

  •   DACs Connection Detection of CH7301 Encoders, AN-71.pdf.

Technical Report

  •   DVI Output Eye Diagrams of CH7301A vs. CH7301B, TB-41.pdf.

  •   PCB Design Considerations of DAC outputs with Multiple Video Formats, TB-45.pdf.


Input Interface  DVO , TTL/Digital RGB, TTL/YCbCr

Output Interface  DVI, VGA

Audio Interface   No

Other features   No

Package Type  LQFP64






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